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J S Bhav


Decorative Art
    • Artwork No.
    • VAD5209
    • Style
    • Figurative
    • Surface
    • paper
    • Medium
    • Watercolor
    • Size
    • 42.5 cms X 31.5 cms
    • 17 Inches X 12 Inches
    • Price
    • INR 50,000

About the Artwork

Framed under a mat, unopened, Good Condition. The traditional Bengal school watercolours (wash technique) were brought into India via the Japanese. In 1903, Japanese scholar and art critic Okakura sent his two artist disciples Yokoyama Taikan (1868-1958) and Hisbida Sbunso (1874-1911) to India, and they stayed with the Tagores in Calcutta. Later, Abanindranath acknowledged this in one of his autobiographical writings but he also developed the technique further. After a thin transparent layer of watercolour, the painting was literally dipped in water (the Japanese never did it), which washed away some of the colour, and yet another transparent colour-wash was given on it. In this way, after successive colour and water-washes, different colours fused, bringing out tender tones, replacing the stern geometry of European pictorial space with a dream-like timelessness.
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