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Romi Revola | Vartika Singh | Amalesh Das

29 March 2016
Press Release
Visions Art presents works of 3 contemporary artists at www.visionsarts.com
Romi Revola 
Received her training in sculpture at the Bruce Chappel Sculpture Atelier in California and then started her career in India with a show of bronzes in 2005. Since 2005, Romi has installed both outdoor and monumental sculptures at business parks, private estates and public spaces. However, her more recent body of work is conceptual in nature and is a response to several interconnected and tangential issues surrounding ecological and geological imbalance. She has engaged with a diverse range of materials – from turmeric on paper to Styrofoam, cotton, sponge, latex, turmeric roots and natural fibre. 
'Although humans have inhabited the earth for millennia it is only in the past few decades, post industrialization, that human activity is completely altering the earth's geology. The foremost contributor to this change is the unending production of plastic in various forms. Plastics travel for thousands of miles and continue to live on for decades sinking into oceans and deep into the earth's surface. Scientists predict that in the future archaeologists will find remnants of today's landfills also known as "technofossils". Once underground, plastics have a high probability of being fossilized to stand testament to our hyper-consumerist generation'.
The artist lives and works in Bangalore, India
Vartika Singh
With a MFA degree in painting, from the Aligarh Muslim University, Vartika mainly works in mix media using unconventional objects/mediums at times depicting the variation of the artist’s intentions or the subject matter of that particular artwork. Her subject matter mostly revolves around feminism encountered around her.  
'As an artist I work to create soulful figurative paintings that speak both to me (behaving as my own reflections) & to its onlooker (as the way they see my paintings). My work tends to focus on the woman, her evolution and her surroundings. Using mix media is the part of showing the different thoughts I am surrounded by. An onlooker can see more of symbolism in my paintings such as a paper or a pin with which I tried to show the materialistic attachments. My paintings speak about the beauty that exists within a human in its countless ways. My hand flows itself directed by the brain having numerous thoughts about myself in person. I might draw the lines as they are the paths I’ve ever been through. My subject matter is either about female’s daily living or it is making a subtle comment on usual human nature.'
The artist currently lives and works in New Delhi.  
Amalesh Das
Accomplished his MFA from Indira  Kala Sangeet University, Khairagarh  in 2000. 
'My paintings are not just works, these are my thoughts. If I were a writer I would have written paragraphs, but I am a painter so I use the canvas and say things without saying. Creativity needs a Muse. The inspiration of my creativity is society. It impresses me, often depresses me. I express what I feel. Mother Nature is obviously a reason for picking up the brush. Its overwhelming beauty always enthralls my mind. If I had the power to manifest all its wonders'
The artist currently lives and works in Kokatta, India
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