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We're launching an all new Visions Art - a unique online art experience - in January 2018. We invite you to be a part of our journey and join us.

At Visions Art we offer solutions and supervise every aspect related to a private or corporate collection, through a wide range of external support services and experts; their in-depth knowledge and capability will help protect and control collection-related risks. Prior to developing a private collection or a corporate art programme, Visions Art will seek proper clarification for the client’s needs and motivations for buying art, and gain a full understanding of the related personal or business objectives. 

A collection with a clear focus is bound to appreciate in value over time; we will assist the client in the choice of a theme or identity that will set the directions for the collection. Based on the combination of aesthetic preferences, space available to accommodate works, the level of the art budget and the expected investment horizon, Visions Art will advise the client on the selection of the appropriate media and styles that will represent his values and goals. By leveraging its extensive network, Visions Art will identify acquisition opportunities in the international art market and offer the client a selection of high quality works by emerging and establishes artists, at the best possible price. 

Visions Art will arrange for the acquisition of art works from galleries, collectors, auction houses or the artist’s studio, and provide expert guidance on the divestiture of works.

Visions Art was founded in 2003 as a gallery space to promote Contemporary Indian Art. We also took the digital leap and created www.visionsarts.com

Over the years, we've nurtured our partnerships - with artists, seasoned collectors, and new buyers - and developed strong business networks. 

What’s Exciting ?
Our revamped website includes cutting-edge design and tech features.

*A unique interface allows users to browse, view artworks, and express interest with ease. 
*Artists can easily manage their own portfolios and share content across social media platforms. 
*We also offer key business insights through an art-advisory team of art and industry experts.

At Visions Art, we wholly support our artists. 
With over 15,000 monthly visitors + 10,000 subscribers, and an ever-growing database of art enthusiasts, artists have access to a wide audience. Our selection criteria and marketing efforts ensure they are well promoted and connect with the right buyer-collector base.

Visionsarts.com showcases art works by established and mid-career artists; and emerging talent from across India.




We request that you send us the following:

1.) Your CV and/or Your Artist Bio
2.) Your Art Portfolio and/or Samples of Your Artwork

Please Note: Email us your CV and send us JPEGs of your artworks as attachments or upload them to shared workplaces (Dropbox) or use File Sharing Services (WeTransfer or youSENDit)

Email us your information at info@visionsarts.com

In case you have any questions or need help, call us at +91 22 23890244

Once we’ve received your information (CV and/or Artist Bio and Artwork Images), we will review it and contact you shortly.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Team Visions Art / Vasu Maheshwari

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